The Divorce Surgery can provide expert advice on the legal implications of a relationship breakdown, whether you are married or not. We hope to give every separating couple the legal answers they need to move forward with the least conflict.

We can help with the following:


We advise married couples, civil partners, cohabiting couples, co-parents and couples who are already divorced, or who simply want to consider their options. For co-parents, we advise on financial claims in respect of children (known as Schedule One claims). We can provide advice to divorced couples where one or both of them are seeking to vary a maintenance order.

Our goal is always to identify what a court would do, as specifically as possible. This gives you the information you need to resolve matters quickly and fairly.


We advise parents on issues surrounding the arrangements for their children, including where they should live and what time they should spend with each parent. We assist parents with schooling choices, advising how a court would assess which school is in their child’s best interests.

For international families, we advise how courts deal with cases where one or both parties seek to relocate abroad with their children. Through constructive dialogue, focussed on how a court would view the case, we help parents reach consensual choices for their children.