We help separating couples move on by enabling them to share one impartial lawyer for a fixed cost.


Until now, divorcing couples had two options:

1. Work it out themselves, with friends, or online tools, but without proper legal advice.

2. Each appoint separate solicitors, whose legal advice will not be shared because of client privilege.

So couples are forced either to make far reaching decisions without legal advice, or are channelled into an adversarial process.


We offer couples a third option: joint advice from one impartial and expert family law barrister. This turns the current model on its head. If you are given, together, an impartial expert assessment of the outcome a Judge will consider fair, you are far more likely to reach a mutually acceptable settlement than risk lengthy and expensive litigation which is out of your control.

Because our process is confidential and constructive, it is suitable for couples at all stages, from those only considering separation to those already engaged in divorce litigation.


We give you expert legal advice together. We have access to a wealth of talent, including Queen’s Counsel, and will ensure you have the right barrister for the issues in your case, on whose expertise you can rely.

Our barristers are in court on a daily basis, seeing what Judges do in cases like yours, which is the perspective you need. Because you are jointly instructing the same barrister, there is no imbalance of power. We empower our couples, setting out the likely outcome at the earliest stage so they can reach a fair deal.


We don’t work on hourly rates. Our streamlined process ensures you get targeted, expert legal advice only where you need it. As a result we offer fixed fees, and total costs which are a fraction of what you would pay in traditional, two-sided litigation, without compromising at all on the level of expertise.

By working with couples to identify the issues at the earliest stage, we guide you through disclosure to advice in 6-8 weeks, far quicker than the court process. We are regulated by the Bar Standards Board, as are our barristers, to give you complete peace of mind.