The Divorce Surgery process usually involves two meetings, starting with brief Introductory Sessions for each of you on a separate basis, followed by a joint Advice Session. Couples come to us directly at any stage before or during the divorce process and we can operate entirely by video-link where requested. Our view is the earlier our service is accessed, the more effective it can be.


These are short sessions held with each of you separately, which are FREE OF CHARGE. The Introductory Sessions are an opportunity for us to ensure that you are suitable for the process, and for you to ask any questions you may have.

Please note, legal advice can only be given at the Advice Session, when you are both present. You will receive a fixed fee quote for our entire service after the Introductory Sessions.


After the Introductory Sessions we identify the issues in your case and the information we require to advise you. Where outside expert assistance is needed, e.g. for tax or pension issues, we will highlight those.

When you have both completed the disclosure process, we assist you both in ensuring it is comprehensive and sufficient for detailed advice to be provided. We also provide bespoke Disclosure Sessions, and further support, if your case requires it.


You will meet the barrister, together, for an in-depth and tailored analysis of your case. This will last around two hours, on a date convenient to you. You will both be given specialist legal advice as to the range of options and identify the bracket of outcomes a court would be likely to consider fair.

Following the session you will each receive the barrister’s detailed advice in writing, and in a financial case, also an asset schedule. When you reach an agreement, we can convert it into a Court Order.


We operate on a fixed-fee basis, so we can give you clarity and peace of mind. The total fee for the advice service starts at £2,375 + VAT per person, and for order drafting starts at £500 + VAT per person. We will always let you know the total fee before you commit, which will depend on the complexity of your situation.

The Bar Council has issued guidance for the public on the benefits of instructing barristers directly. If you would like to read their guildance please click here.