Cafcass Positive co-Parenting Programme extended

Cafcass has launched its Positive co-Parenting Programme (CPPP) after a successful two-year pilot.

CPPP is a 12-week programme for families which provides structured sessions to some parents in family proceedings, to help them decide on the best arrangements for the children involved.

It aims to promote positive change, improve communication between parents, reduce the duration of court proceedings and delay, and restore the focus on the child in cases where parents may have got stuck in their own conflict and lost sight of their children.

At the moment the programme is only being offered in the most serious cases where harmful conflict is identified as the most significant risk to the child. These cases are particularly difficult or complicated family court cases where the Judge decides to make the child a party to the proceedings and appoints a Cafcass Guardian to represent the child. But it may be further extended and this is being trialled.

At The Divorce Surgery we are committed to supporting separating parents from the earliest stage to work together, as research consistently shows that reaching agreements early, and outside the Court process, produces better outcomes for the adults and children involved.

However, it is brilliant to see that even when cases end up in the Court process, there is a concerted effort to help parents find their own way out of litigation. This reflects an increasing feeling within Family Justice that Court really must be the last resort for families, and not the default option.

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