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What If Henry VIII Had Known About The Divorce Surgery?

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Silver Splitters: 5 Tips To Consider If Divorcing Over 65

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Divorce Doesn’t Need To Be A Battle

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What is Co-parenting and How Can We Do it Well?

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5 Tips For Dating Through Divorce

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How to Help your Friends Divorce Well

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The Changing Face of Family Law and What It Means for You

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5 Top Tips At The Beginning Of A Relationship Breakdown

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All You Need to Know about the Financial Cost of Getting Divorced

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Should children be moving between their parents’ homes during the Coronavirus?

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How Employers Can Support Employees Going Through Divorce?

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How To Progress Your Divorce During Coronavirus

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Myth Busting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Divorce & Co-parenting In The Age Of Coronavirus

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Second Time Around Dating – How To Find Love Again After A Divorce

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My Family Court Hearing Has Been Adjourned Due To The Coronavirus – What Can I Do?

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BBC One’s The Split: A Fair Reflection of Divorce?

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The Family Home: What Happens To It On Divorce?

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Understanding The Divorce Process In The UK?

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Child Maintenance Calculations And The CMS

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Spousal Maintenance: How Much & How Long Will It Last?

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How Long Does A Divorce Take?

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How Does A Judge Decide Who Gets What In A Divorce?

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What Is One Couple One Lawyer?

One Couple One Lawyer is a service which enables a separating couple to jointly instruct one impartial barrister who can … Read More

How To File A Divorce Petition

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The Legal Steps Of Divorce / Dissolving A Civil Partnership

Step 1: The Divorce/ Dissolution Petition The following must apply to you: You must have been married or in a … Read More

Grounds For Divorce: A Handy Guide

Although campaigners have been working hard to reform the divorce law in England and Wales for some time now, no-fault … Read More

Filling In A Form E

The majority of our work at The Divorce Surgery involves assisting couples with negotiating a fair and amicable settlement of … Read More

Financial Disclosure & The Divorce Surgery

The majority of our work at The Divorce Surgery involves assisting couples with negotiating a fair and amicable settlement of … Read More

What Is A Clean Break?

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Will Marriage Story Spark A Debate About Family Justice?

Marriage Story, released recently on Netflix, is a compellingly accurate, often painful to watch, account of the fallout when a … Read More

What Does Conduct Mean In The Form E?

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Do I Have To Go To Court To Get A Divorce?

In short, no. The court is an integral part of the process but you do not have to attend at … Read More

Can A Divorcing Couple Share One Lawyer?

Traditionally, when a marriage or civil partnership breaks down, each side instructs a lawyer to represent their interests when dividing … Read More

What Is The Divorce Surgery?

Founded by experienced and specialist family law barristers Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates, The Divorce Surgery has won awards for … Read More

What Are Child Arrangements?

When a relationship breaks down, are a number of difficult decisions have to be made. Where there are children involved, … Read More