Employers Watch: Supporting Employees During Divorce

We recently published a blog post on ‘How Employers Can Help Employees Going Through Divorce’, in which we reported some quite shocking statistics – that only 10% of employees feel properly supported through the divorce process by their employers.

Let’s consider that for a second… ONE in TEN people!

Is it, therefore, any wonder that divorce has a huge impact on productivity in the workplace.

And yet there are several easy steps employers can take to change that, from implementing or updating family breakdown policies, to revising their wellness programmes or employee benefits packages.

We are at the forefront of advising employers in this area, largely because we have introduced a completely new way for couples to divorce – getting legal advice impartially and together, from one lawyer, for a fixed cost, removing any power imbalances and treating divorce as a shared problem. That is an approach many employers want to promote.

Is your organisation equipped to help and support employees through such difficult times? If not we would love to help.

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