Justice Week 2020

Justice, and access to justice, is vital for us all. And at The Divorce Surgery we are proud to support Justice Week as ‘a unique opportunity for organisations to highlight their work to promote the importance of the rule of law to young people’…

Here is our take on each of the days of Justice Week 2020…

Monday – Protecting Our Freedoms

Monday’s theme for Justice Week is ‘Protecting our Freedoms’, a great place to start a week of discussion about the operation of justice in society, what we mean by it and why it matters…

Tuesday – Fighting For Rights

Tuesday of Justice Week focusses on ‘Fighting for Rights’. As has been said too many times, what use is law without the right to enforcement? Know where you stand, and the steps you can take to find out…

Wednesday – Defending Democracy

Wednesday’s Justice Week topic is ‘Defending Democracy’. More relevant than ever? So THAT’s where all the constitutional and administrative lawyers have been hiding…

Thursday – Saving Our Planet

A blockbuster theme for Thursday of Justice Week, ‘Saving our Planet’. Sadly too late for the recent flood victims across the country, but how can the law help shape the response to the greatest issue of our time?

Friday – Time For Reflection

And finally we reach Friday of Justice Week, a valuable period for reflection on the function of law and lawyers within society. How can we improve access to justice for those who need it? And how can we stop people being priced out of vital expertise?

About Justice Week

Justice Week is championed by the Law Societythe Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). To learn more click here.


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